mixed media
61 x 91 cm

Contemporary noise is a composition about the search for headspace and silence in the middle of the action, in crowded offices that misleadingly advocates tranquil lifestyle but demands the stressful amounts of delivery and progress. It speaks about the duality of being a part of hectic society and seeking to escape from advertisement overload, visual and information flood, insuppressible consumerism promotion and constant connectivity and hopefully raises a question „Is it possible to discover absolute tranquility in the chaotic visual noise?“



The composition ‘cliché. body.’ is consisted of three parts: “give”, “take” and “touch”. First two are series of prints the third one is a video project and all three of them represent the same statement - a use of a physical body as a cliché* to create an image on the surface. Also taking in consideration the modern use of a word cliché. This art composition was completed during a two year period and besides being a form of an artistic expression it was an important process to accept my inner femininity and a worth of it. Subtle, fragile and abstract first impression uncovers the figure of a naked body. This action of uncovering myself from style and image created with clothing was also an action of acceptance in a symbolic form of an open self representation.


200 x 100 cm

​​A negative of a print, made by taking the paint with the body from the printable surface and printing the created image on paper.

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multi-layered monoprint
95 x 95 cm 

A positive print of a body made by applying the paint directly to the surface of the body and physically pressing it multiple times onto the paper.



3:05 min

A video created in stop motion principle using a scans of a body as an every frame, applying the slow movement while making an every scan, it was made around twoo thousand scans to make a final video.



mixed media
100 x 70 cm (series of 3 pieces)

Purification is an outcome of a try to deny a creative path of a try, fail, repeat in order to get the image formed in my head out onto the paper. It’s a result of a bold attempt to eliminate a timeline perspective in a process by going straight to the point, by printing layers over and over again until they melted into an unsatisfying mess. Full despite and rage with an unsatisfied expectation I ended up washing it all out. Ironically the element that I was trying to eliminate made it all matter as after a few years I rediscovered these images in a new light and kept it as a perpetuation of a great passion.

 Vienos dienos tiesos 2015copy web.jpg


multi-layered monoprint
600 x 85 cm (60 x 85 cm x10)

“One-day truths” is an MA research completed in a form of two multilayered monoprint works and a collection of essays. the process was developed on the idea 'The every new decision made in a present moment is treated as an unquestionable truth'. It is visual documentation of a constant-change-based state of being. As the process like this can become endles I set the time deadline as the completion point. Together with diary entries, it became an alternative database on my self-reflection and the daily life of the academy. 


multi-layered monoprint
700 x 95 cm (70 x 95 cm x10)

tiesos2  (visas).png

“The truth is above everything” Jonas uttered after a gasp during one of our ordinary conversations. I can’t agree more. Tell me, if you know something by the fact that is right but your heart can’t find a way to agree, can it still be called truth? I noted that while being keen on my observations every time when I discover an idea that did not come up to me before I take it as an enlightening with amazement and joy and that last until the other new idea comes. What if we define all of them as the truth until the moment when they are denied.  This became the constant state of my research and was titled “one-day truths”. Emotions over the facts as an undeniable truth with an expiration date. The (ir)rational conscious way of being. I do not want to stop it, just let it be. I created a space, now it’s time to leave it on its own.



145 x 145 cm

We are already used to the webs and circles of connections in the form of social media if you are not there it's like you do not exist. The installation "Connections" came to life from less direct but ideologically the same impact. Due to the sudden change in my personal life, for the first time, I felt that all that makes me who I am is a collection of different 'me' with all the people close to me. They bring out qualities and flaws at points where the connection happens, so each image that appears it's my unique world with them. Images are created in monoprint technique, making every piece unique. I created images in an abstract and very free form as the connections with people are also formed from sequences of coincidences. In addition to these images, there is a three-dimensional piece that connects all composition in an installation. The organic glass, that serves as a bounding platform and treats crossing the space of exhibition takes it over and claims as a private. The viewer is welcome to enter but the movement is limited as a reminder that (s)he's moving through a personal space. You can see an abstract self-portrait on the organic glass that all the threads are connected to.

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