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Connections | series of monoprints | 145 x 145 cm | 2014

We are already used to the webs and circles of connections in the form of social media if you are not there it's like you do not exist. The installation "Connections" came to life from less direct but ideologically the same impact. Due to the sudden change in my personal life, for the first time, I felt that all that makes me who I am is a collection of different 'me' with all the people close to me. They bring out qualities and flaws at points where the connection happens, so each image that appears it's my unique world with them. Images are created in monoprint technique, making every piece unique. I created images in an abstract and very free form as the connections with people are also formed from sequences of coincidences. In addition to these images, there is a three-dimensional piece that connects all composition in an installation. The organic glass, that serves as a bounding platform and treats crossing the space of exhibition takes it over and claims as a private. The viewer is welcome to enter but the movement is limited as a reminder that (s)he's moving through a personal space. You can see an abstract self-portrait on the organic glass that all the threads are connected to.

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