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One day truth 2 | multilayeder monoprints | 700 x 95 cm (70 x 95 cm x10) | 2015

“The truth is above everything” Jonas uttered after a gasp during one of our ordinary conversations. I can’t agree more. Tell me, if you know something by the fact that is right but your heart can’t find a way to agree, can it still be called truth? I noted that while being keen on my observations every time when I discover an idea that did not come up to me before I take it as an enlightening with amazement and joy and that last until the other new idea comes. What if we define all of them as the truth until the moment when they are denied.  This became the constant state of my research and was titled “one-day truths”. Emotions over the facts as an undeniable truth with an expiration date. The (ir)rational conscious way of being. I do not want to stop it, just let it be. I created a space, now it’s time to leave it on its own.

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