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Similarly to a long list of creators in history, I find my inspiration in the greatest creation - forms of nature. I also have a deep admiration for contemporary art installations, despite that, my artistic expression is mainly focused on two-dimensional works. I find an obliviation in repetition, if I may call it a visual mantra and in this repetition, I am following patterns of nature. Desert, mountains, sea - all these majestic structures are based on repetitive patterns that present its subtlety by slight variations in detail. Also, a great impact comes from the circumstances of a daily routine that brings new forms of media to my hands. For example, my work in a video advertising company is visible through a personal video project and the recent renovation at home brought concrete to my attention.

I create images, as a representation of subjects that are not visible but felt by everyone, because of that reason, they gain a very subjective form - a reflection of previous experiences. When I’m describing one that belongs to me, it becomes an image and because we are talking about subjects that you cannot physically touch my artworks are mainly expressed through abstract forms. Most of them are of quite a large scale and taking advantage of a wide space I exploit it on free expression of physical motion rather than giving attention to hairsplitting details.


Talking about the process, I would call my art practice a chronic form of an illness, since it arrives, takes over and goes away periodically. When I start to work on a project I fully engage in it and after it is set to live its own life I separate myself from this routine and take time to absorb the surroundings, taking in consideration the fact that a lot of inspiration comes from traveling. Because of those reasons, you can clearly see my works are coming in series or as I call it collections.


I came from a printmaking background and despite that, the media I use sometimes varies. I have kept the principles of engagement to the process based on tradition: layers, repetition between artworks and a traditional or an alternative form of an imprint. I find the action of printing important because it is the way to become the medium between physical form and an abstract by creating a visible impact of another object. At the same time, if we’d take it literally, it plays out as a form of an impressionistic work. I’d like to position my art practice as a form of impressionism, in spite of being a part of the contemporary art field.

​cliché. body - touch (fragment).png


I seek a clean aesthetics with a volume of depth in it. This is the way I see my audience too. People that find beauty and excitement in silence, poetry lovers, and those who are seeking meditation in different forms, people that find beauty in sadness or nostalgia, and wind lovers.

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